Premonition Dreams

I believe I have premonition dreams. For as long as I can remember, my dreams have always been weird or specific. The one way I know how to decipher if a dream may come true (or if it signifies something) is if I remember it in specific and special detail and sometimes after I wake I will consciously go back into a certain part of the dream, kind of like a flashback. Again I have had these types of dreams all my life or for as long as I can remember. The only way I can describe them is using the word premontion. Once when I was 14 I dreamt a boyfriend had a child and I had to help him take care of it. Now, him and I of course didnt last and he didnt have kids until he was in his 20's but his 1st child was the same blonde haired blued eyed little boy from my dream, even the mother really looked the same. In my dream she had short frizzy hair with the baby on her hip.The picture I saw of them was basically the same as my dream. Now naturally when a dream seems to be real it always startles you. By the time I had learned he was married with children it had been years since the dream, so it did surprise me. But see how it kinda signifies nothing? He was just boy, not anyone who really stayed in my life or impacted it in any way. He was an alright boyfriend for his age but nothing serious. Its odd, they vary like that. Some are important and some arent. Another dream, this one is personal but it shows how sometimes they turn out to be very important. It was about another guy but this guy was very important to me, we had an 8 year long, stressful, painful and morbidly loving relationship and I had this dream when we were about 4 years deep. First I have to say he had 2 little sisters who were about 6 years younger than me so he was about 8 years older than them. This dream still bothers me to this day, from what I can remember, it started off his mom and I where in their car driving back to their house, we pulled in the driveway and she stayed by the car and I went in. As I was walking through I heard sounds coming from the girls room, for some reason I touched my belly and I was pregnant, I rubbed my belly for a minute then continued on to the girls room to see what was going on and as I entered there was my boyfriend surrounded by young girls his sisters age and younger. Kissing, caressing... it was disgusting. I remember when I woke up I had a hard time looking at him for weeks. I had to literally put it in the back of my head. I had that dream when I was 17, him and I broke up when I was about 20-21. In our last years we had a child who was stillborn at full term. Following our break up I had learned he had been cheating on me with his sisters friends, young girls who were 6-9 years younger than him for quite a while, about 3 years, specifically with one girl (she was 15 he was 24) while I was pregnant for the child we lost. So I think that dream I had when I was 17 was trying to warn me that he wasnt going to be faithul . After I found out everything, I was crushed. I had been warned and I could have saved myself alot of pain and regret but then I dont think I understood that certain dreams of mine were special. Another one which turned out to be a good but bad premo dream, this one happened last year. First and overview so you can understand the significance of it. We all have heard the term Scum Lords, a landlord who is just plain evil. Well, this landlord really messed with mine and my sisters head. My father got sick and was put in the hospital, in that time the house we lived in just kinda sat there the landlord told my father directly that rent didnt have to be paid while he was in the hospital. Sadly my father passed away while in there. Our landlord really did seem like a nice guy but it turned out he most certainly wasnt. Long story short, we moved out after my father passed and with the landlord everything seemed fine. Now, the dream. It was fast but very detailed. I was walking down the stairs in my grandmothers house and I met my mother on the front porch and as I walked up to her our landlords black truck was pulling out of the driveway and my mother had a envelope in her hands I took it, opened it up and it was a pink piece of paper saying we owed this landlord exactly 2,946. A few weeks later, he stopped by and gave my mom an envelope with a pink piece of paper that said we owed him 2,649. The numbers were mixed up but that one I waited for, I told my sister about it so that when it happened I didnt feel crazy. Now the reason Im even on this site is that lately my dreams are getting more and more scarier. More profound. More like somethings trying to tell me something. Ive had more premo dreams this year than I have ever. I usually have 1-2 a year, now for some reason its become 1-2 every night sometimes. And lately they havent been even about me. My most recent has been the most clear and scariest. First ill tell you about the one I had a few months ago. Its kind of funny but not funny. It has to do with the word YOLO meaning You Only Live Once. Now when I had this specific dream I hadnt really given that term any thought. Thats more what the kids are saying in my eyes so it was weird that it entered my dream but at the same time made sense as to what was going on. I dreamt I was under some type of tarp it was keeping me hidden. It was raining and people were all running around crazily, I knew that if I tried to get out from under it and run They would get me, who They are I dont know but They have been in my dreams alot lately. Anyways people were running around in a frenzy some were getting shot, some were being the shooters. Some were on the ground praying to the sky or thats what it looked like. The sky was a weird orange too and some people were kind of picketing with signs that all said Y.O.L.O or The End, We Fight! I just remember seeing all that and being terrified. That one lingered in my head all day. Another weird one, were They came in was I was running through my grandmas house because I knew They were going to get me. I ran down to the basement and hid under some blankets. As I was hiding my niece came out of nowhere and I said you better hide or They are going to get you too and she got behind me and someone started coming down the stairs. It got to the bottom and it was my dead father coming towards us. I knew he was going to try and kill me. My niece said grandpa No and he said I have to put her out of her misery before They do. Then I woke up right before he hit me. Yeah, that was a scary one. I have no idea what it means or anything but I remember it like it really happened. Now, my most recent. This one has been gnawing at me for days. I had a 2 nights ago. Prepare your head to spin because mine still is... It started with me playing basketball with a bunch of kids, and this girl comes up and asks if she can play we told her yes and as we were all playing having a fun time she says to me I like you would you like to come home with me I told her yes and then we came and talked to my mom and she gave me 10 packs of cigs, some weed and money then we left. I was not afraid of this girl at all or the older woman who she called grandma who was with her but we leave the state in an old car on the express way and we head towards her house, we get there and she takes me to this room where there are other kids, ages ranging from 3-25 and the girl goes and stands next to this man and woman im guessing her parents and he then asks us all, Those of you who has fathers who did not feed them properly raise your hand, a number of us did and he had us go to one side of the room and then he said My father NEVER let me go hungry. Then he let the ones who didnt raise their hands leave the room and the rest of us was made to go to this basement room, it was huge. Now this is where it gets weird, my dreamed shifted 5-6 years into the future even though we were still in this basement. One detail that stood out, There was one boy tho who was drawing and his drawing was of a generator of some sort and he kept saying that one day when we get out of here were going to have to build this to make a ship work. Well as I said the dream shifted and somehow we were getting out or breaking out of the basement then about 10 of us all older kids was on the street. It was horrible out there. Houses half there looked like they were blown up, cars in pieces, body parts. I remember seeing someones bloody hair smashed into a car window. We then were on my old street from when I was a kid and heading towards a house that was still all there, there was this older woman inside who rushed us in and asked how we survived this long out there, we told her we lived in a basement for the last 5 years and she said directly, you children have been spared from seeing alot of death and evil. That They had come and the humans had won the war between the sky and ground and that now we were in the age of Eden. We just kinda stared at her like wow, i couldnt believe what I was hearing, I felt numb. I walked over to the window to see a house, it was half blown up but what I could see was too disturbing. It was a woman hanging(she was dead obviously) and lil children poking her and giggling. The boy who was drawing the generator found a notebook that had a similiar looking drawing to his but this one had a ship next to it. He told me that we had to build one and find a ship. I remember feeling very uneasy and I woke up. After I woke up and thought about it all. I even had a flashback to the time in the basement even though it shifted or jumped in the dream it was like a memory. It was odd. We werent slaves but we were being held against our will. They fed us awful food, like cream of wheat crap. And thats all I really seen other than little children playing with broken toys and sometimes a new child would be brought in. Thats all I have for now. It was just really scary and apart of me thinks I had a Post-Apocalyptic Premontion dream. Does Anyone Else have dreams like mine?
Ashley420 Ashley420
22-25, F
Sep 15, 2012