My Most Recent Premontion Dream. Very Scary And Curious If Anyone Else Has Had Anything Similar?

It started with me playing basketball with a bunch of kids, and this girl comes up and asks if she can play we told her yes and as we were all playing having a fun time she says to me I like you would you like to come home with me I told her yes and then we came and talked to my mom and she gave me 10 packs of cigs, some weed and money then we left. I was not afraid of this girl at all or the older woman who she called grandma who was with her but we leave the state in an old car on the express way and we head towards her house, we get there and she takes me to this room where there are other kids, ages ranging from 3-25 and the girl goes and stands next to this man and woman im guessing her parents and he then asks us all, Those of you who has fathers who did not feed them properly raise your hand, a number of us did and he had us go to one side of the room and then he said My father NEVER let me go hungry. Then he let the ones who didnt raise their hands leave the room and the rest of us was made to go to this basement room, it was huge. Now this is where it gets weird, my dreamed shifted 5-6 years into the future even though we were still in this basement. One detail that stood out, There was one boy tho who was drawing and his drawing was of a generator of some sort and he kept saying that one day when we get out of here were going to have to build this to make a ship work. Well as I said the dream shifted and somehow we were getting out or breaking out of the basement then about 10 of us all older kids was on the street. It was horrible out there. Houses half there looked like they were blown up, cars in pieces, body parts. I remember seeing someones bloody hair smashed into a car window. We then were on my old street from when I was a kid and heading towards a house that was still all there, there was this older woman inside who rushed us in and asked how we survived this long out there, we told her we lived in a basement for the last 5 years and she said directly, you children have been spared from seeing alot of death and evil. That They had come and the humans had won the war between the sky and ground and that now we were in the age of Eden. We just kinda stared at her like wow, i couldnt believe what I was hearing, I felt numb. I walked over to the window to see a house, it was half blown up but what I could see was too disturbing. It was a woman hanging(she was dead obviously) and lil children poking her and giggling. The boy who was drawing the generator found a notebook that had a similiar looking drawing to his but this one had a ship next to it. He told me that we had to build one and find a ship. I remember feeling very uneasy and I woke up. After I woke up and thought about it all. I even had a flashback to the time in the basement even though it shifted or jumped in the dream it was like a memory. It was odd. We werent slaves but we were being held against our will. They fed us awful food, like cream of wheat crap. And thats all I really seen other than little children playing with broken toys and sometimes a new child would be brought in. Thats all I have for now. It was just really scary and apart of me thinks I had a Post-Apocalyptic Premontion dream. Does Anyone Else have dreams like mine?
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I've had similar apocalyptic dreams myself...but I was wondering what this phrase means "They had come and the humans had won the war between the sky and ground" it seems like things I hear in my dreams too, like who are 'They'? and what does the sky and ground thing mean?

I know I always wonder who "they" are too and honestly it kinda scares me. They enter my dreams alot and it seems they are in them more often this year. Idk why but its like 2012 boosted them. Ive had more odd dreams this last year than I have ever. As far as they phrase, I have no clue but it doesnt sound good. I mean if it meant aliens and humans won against them that would be a good thing but the world I seen in my dream wasnt a world anybody would want to live in.

That's scary, it's been the same for me too, these dreams used to just be every now and again but now it seems as if 'they' are there even in dreams they don't belong. Like I'll be dreaming that I'm at school and I'll just stop to look at the sky and just feel their presence. Or they will just appear in dreams that have nothing to do with them. You're dream was probably just saying if anything like that ever happened, there would be lots of bloodshed before it was solved and lots of people would have to die. Scary.

Yeah, see in mine it seems like "they" are always chasing after me or im hiding from them. The last one tho I didnt feel them at all. Like I knew they were gone.

I hope nothing happens but I can't help but feel like there is going to be a significant change soon, like something bad is coming.

Oh me too, Ive been feeling that for about a year and a half now and then this year with the pole shifts, very odd weather and massive solar flares it just makes me think there really is a big change in the world coming.

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Wow! you remember detail. I have many odd dreams too.but usually when I wake up, I can not explain the whole dream, just parts of it. I get what you mean of it shifting. I sometimes wake up disturbed by some of my dreams. Sometimes I get up, walk around, come back to bed hoping I won't dream it anymore. But most of the time I continue were I left off. Uug! I hate that. Lately I been dreaming of being chase by a male, but along the way he kills those around me. I just can never see his face. But I always get the instinct its my Ex. Last night it happen again, but this time he sent out a German Shepard after me, and this time i had my children with me. When the dog caught up to us, I grabbed his face and he looked as if he was on drugs, or something, it scared me shitless. I hate dreaming. I am exhausted the next day. I have a dream book. You should get one, sometimes it help to understand a little.

Wow, that is scary. And yes some are very detailed, thats how I know they mean something. Thats how Ive always distinguished the important ones from the normal ones. Ive thought about getting one actually but I dont want to waste the money if its not a book thats actually a good one.