I have this dream quite often I am in what appears to be old egyption times standing at the entry way to a princess sleeping chambers I am strong chizold guard something happend she is yelling help I come running the ferrow is yelling at her and a man not sure who he is comes running in attempts to kill farrow and she yells stop and he does then tries kill her I then slit his throte watching him die at my feet the farrow stabs me in stomach ses I should not have done that ... I die my soul lift out my boddy and still there I touch the princess a bright glow like north star projects and I disappear always apart of her to protect even against her father......
AngelTrey AngelTrey
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Someone has had a past life. I've also had some experiences.

I have had Egyptian dreams also, they may be showing us a past life in our dreams.

agreed that would explain why i hold my stomach alot in this life