Kidnapped By A Crazy Alien Conspiracy Theory Guy Lawl

I don't remember the start. The first thing I remember is being locked in this bedroom where I was forced to live because I had been kidnapped by some psycho raper guy. My feelings toward this person were weird because I had developed some strange Stockholm syndrome thing, it was like part of me resented him but another part of me believed I needed him for something. He didn't talk much to me, and when he did the things he said were weird. His friend came to visit him from far away, and they started talking about 'Them' (in my dream when they said 'Them' the T was capitalized in my mind's eye) I sat down next to the guy and said, "Who is Them?"
He said, "Oh, you know, the aliens. They talk to me, in my dreams. "
He had no idea that those words meant something to me (i have no idea why those words meant something to me) but in the dream, they did. He said he was going to set off to find 'Them'
I asked him if I could speak to him alone because I wanted to tell him that They too, spoke to me in my dreams. We went into a basement and when i got down there They were there. Two of them, they were like those grey-alieum guys but, partly human because their heads weren't so big and they were pretty tall. Their eyes weren't completely black, they were like people eyes but their pupils were bigger almost taking up the whole eye but not quite. One was right in front of me just beyond the open door of a basement room. The other was in the bathroom to the right of me. The raper guy was in the bathroom too. I suddenly got really scared at sight of Them. They weren't moving, They just watched me while the guy spoke, but I was too afraid to hear his words, I could hear my harsh breathing over his voice. He stopped and looked at me and said, "They're here, aren't they? Can you see them?"
I realized then that only I could see them. The one in the bathroom's eyes shifted toward the other one. This small action caused me to be so much more afraid, impossibly so. Right after that the guy left, he went outside into the dark to find 'Them' (there's a gap from when i was facing them to now, I can't remember) for some reason I didn't want him to go. I went outside, and he was gone, and Michael from Lost (lawl) showed up in a truck, and he asked me what was going on. I said it's the apocalypse, and They are coming. He didn't believe me. Then his car flew up into the sky, and when I looked up I saw a city far above my head, city lights, as if I were looking down on the earth from far above. Then the guy's friend ran out of the house, passed Michael, and he flew up, too. I was then struck with the realization that the raper guy had been dealt the same fate. It was like certain areas gravity turned the other way, and the sky became the ground. Me and Michael went inside and started locking all the doors. And then I was rudely woken up.
18-21, F
Sep 18, 2012