What Could This Dream Mean? It Was Months Ago But I Still Remember Clear As Day

i had a dream i was on a train, but i got off to get something that was on the tracks infront of the train, but the driver started again, and this little door opened and i was stuck against the engine and i had to press an emergency stop button to get out before i got cooked. The Gforce was holding me back from reaching it so i had to use my foot as it was over a metre away.. I fell out, and the driver kept going as soon as i stood up, then i realised that my cousin and my very first boyfriend were still on the train, but i didnt think they knew i was left behind.. i watched the train go, and then it stopped about 200m further down the track, and me ex came running back, saying he knew i would get lost.. next thing, were walking with a whole group of people to a park and some of us are playing cards by the river.. we heard a scream and some guy was running with a woman under his arm, he ran strait past us, and dissapeared.. we didn think anything of it, and kept playing cards, when two cars pulled up and watched us, for almost twenty minutes.. we could see them talking to someone on the phone, and then they drove off, with the sound of loading shot guns.. then i realised we had to get the **** outtathere so we picked up all our backpacks and started to run, when we saw a group of STAR officers come around the corner.. we asked them for help to get ouuta there but they said they had to find the person that was running because he had kidnapped a pregnant woman.. then my dream switches to a hospital, where the pregnant lady who got kidnapped was laying face down on a bed, while she had to rinse her mouth out, before the guy raped her while the nurses just stood there and watched.. I ran from the hospital and next thing, i was running down the street trying to make the cruise ship that was about to leave in two minutes.. but i still had to get clothes packed and everything, so i was sprinting betweent he hospital and the jetty, while still packing my bag. I finally make it onto the ship, but all the rooms were full and i wasnt allowed to bunk with anyone, so we slept on the deck, where there was a huge storm, that shipwreckedd us at nepean bay, where i grew up..My Boyfriens was walking his dog on the beach and found me, took me back home and then told me that i was the one who had to shoot billy, the dog because we couldnt keep him, so he gave me a gun and told me to walk way out into a farmers property, shoot him under a tree and come back, i could only have one bullet too.. then i remember being at the house when billy came running back, with a few blood splatters on him, but not his own blood but mine bacause i had committed suicide....
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Wow thats wild. Im pretty good at interpreting dreams but this one, just wow. It sounds like you have a fear of rape/being raped hence seeing the woman in the hospital. And the boy you talk of you must have or had major feelings for him seeing that he was always by your side and with the dog it sounds like you as a person would rather kill yourself than a poor defenseless animal. Very honorabled

this was at the start of the year.. and i still, to this day, remember the extreme pressure of the Gforce when i was trapped on that train.. My ex, was my very first, we never even had a sexual relationship, i was 12.. but we remain strong friends to this day..
the dog i speak of, was my brothers, and we had complaints from neighbours about him always escaping, so we were forced to surrender him to the council, this happened literally weeks after my dream.. Every location in my dream is familiar, like i have been there before, but i just cant work out where i am.. All my dreams seem relevent to my life, except this one was so far fetched... thank you for your input, it has cleared a bit in my mind