Dream Of Ep-strange.

I love answering questions of EP. But tonight I slept instead on logging into EP.. I dreamed of the people or rather the avatars on EP. I was back in high school again. Sitting in a science class. One of the  avatars, a female, was my teacher. I had such vile hate for her. Why I don't know cause on EP , I like her. Sitting around me where other EP avatars. We all wanted out of the class. She was giving a test later on that week. Unlike me i blew off studying and went out partying with other EP avatars and one girl from high school in real life.

On test day, what should have been an easy test was hard. I had to diagram a flower but this flower had a prostate. Since when did a flower grow a prostate. I didn't know where it was. it was strange metal objects that where suppose to be some type of ancient knives. I couldn't tell them apart. The scan-tron was designed funny. I couldn't make heads or tails of it. The T/F questions were based on EP's avatars life. I didn't know what this had to do with science. I don't know these people. I was flushed and overwhelmed.

After class, I met some of them at my locker to discuss the test. We all had failed. We knew it. I was upset cause i ususally did well on test. I couldn't find my history book and was running late for class. It was a strange dream about EP
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2 Responses Sep 20, 2012

When you find yourself back in school it may show more lessons in life are required. A need for greater understanding or spiritual knowledge. The test relates to your daily activities, important issues in life are being skipped over (failure). The "too late" aspect of your dream reminds you that you are already in the later part of your life and time is short.

Strange indeed, but once again packed with vivid detail.