I'm in the 50's, and I somehow know that a natural disaster is going to hit before it comes. I try to ignore the feeling, but the weather is gradually getting worse. I try my best to save everybody, but I can only convince a lonely little kid to come with me. I end up saving the kid. After the disaster, the kid disappears and I don't see him for months.

Years pass, and I'm still in the past, trying to take down a huge mafia boss as a job. In the middle of the fighting, a tall, handsome, sandy/dirty-blonde-haired man wearing a fedora and a long trenchcoat, comes out and swiftly kills the boss. I ask him who are you, but I realize that he is the kid I had saved years ago. He had to be like, in his early 20's now. The kid recognizes me, but apologizes to me sadly, explaining that he has to leave. I don't see him for years. Maybe a glimpse of him on a train or walking down the street, but every time I try to run and catch up, he turns the corner, or the train door closes, and I lose him. One day, after not seeing him for years, I'm getting ready to water the grass, and when I walk into my yard, I see him across the street. Smiling. I try to run over to him but he turns and walks off quickly, and as I run after him... I wake up. I still remember his face and hair color, though it's been a quite a while since I've had this dream.
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I like your dream story, it kinda like he batman looking over you. Y ou say you have a thing for blonde hair man, never know maybe in the future you might meet your dream man.

Haha, I know. Lol, yes, I hope so.