I Should Have Been More Disturbed

I was working in a developmentally disabled lady's home as her care giver, it was bedtime so me and the other staff were in the next room talking and charting the clients progress. When I suddenly realized that there needed to be a person in her room at all times because she injures herself by biting herself. I freaked out and ran into her room, and there she was. Sitting up in her bed with her first finger chewed off. I quickly straddled her body so I could get her hands away from her mouth, and I then preceded to put her in a straight jacket as if it were nothing. My reaction was that of annoyance. The creepiest thing about this is that these events have happened, and to a real client I used to take care of. I had this dream after learning about how bad her condition had worsened.
MissMyah MissMyah
26-30, F
Sep 20, 2012