Weird And Tired

So again another dream, I shall mention though, when I slept at night I was upset and also tired of studying.

I sleep and dream of a serial killer lol, he kills men and then ****** their eyes (wild imagination, I know!) then I find myself in front of school and they are asking me a multiple choice question (similar to the one I was studying before I sleep lol), what would be good about the law if these crimes you witnessed never happened and I think I chose how the law is strict or something like that O.o and then I find myself near work and I am planning to send this email I was also thinking about before I sleep but I realise at the last minute, hey it is Friday why am I going to work!!

No wonder I wake up tired if these are the kid of dreams I am dreaming!! But the question and the email came from my mind, I wonder where did the serial killer come from, no I was not thinking of killing anyone and ****** their eyes before I sleep lol!
MissGaga MissGaga
26-30, F
Sep 20, 2012