Listen Plz

hi wired dreams!!!..if that is the subject here, i had many be4...and guess what some of them look like apuzzle and this weird dream happened!! yes it did...i was asking what this thing means in my dream and i found it when this situation happen..oh without lot of words i found that they r messages from god ..yes plz just listen its amessage from god that he watching me and know my future so if u want really atreatment u have 2 listen 2 something good be4 u sleep and i found it he is apure heart creature..he is khalid yasin he is amazing man and his gr8 lecture < the purpose of life> thats it thats what means..thats heal...if u made everyhting and didnt help , plz just try this...and remember thats may be amessage also but not in dream but in real
angelhelp angelhelp
Sep 21, 2012