Prevention Dream ..

The weirdest dream i ever had was about 2years ago about 2months before my sisters wedding , i had a dream that she was going on honeymoon in egypt , and anyway , i never thought anytthing of it but as it was two weeks later she phoned to say that they had booked a honeymoon for egypt , it was so weird!!
And i also had another random dream , i was in my old house , and everything was so real , my parents friends were across the field dressed up in suits and top hats next to the big elephant in moulin rouge , and there were two james bonds in my house , one evil one and one nice one , but i didn't know which was which and i was trying to escape , and as i was running i was running in the air , and as i was running up the hill , i saw the ogre from the film 'bridge to tarabithia ' who scared the **** out of me but she ended up being my best friend emma lol then i just carried on running in the air lol and i found my mum under a staircase next to some rocks except she was plastic .. random i know .
I also have weird dreams about friends trying to kill me :
A few weeks agoi was staying at my friends house i was having a dream which her and her boyfriend were and we were driving in my mums jeep and she was driving and crashed in to the wall but her boyfriend was trying to strangle me , i woke up in her house the folowing morning and told them the story , we were laughing about it for ages. !!
Luucianna Luucianna
18-21, F
Sep 21, 2012