Magical Ogre Queen Occupying The Body Of A Girl While Battling An Evil Dragon Possessing Powerful Dark Magic

Yes, I was in the body of a girl, with the soul of a powerful ancient ogre queen with magical powers, and was battling with my magic a terrible magic dragon of a most nasty disposition.

It was brief, but damn throwing magic around when you're in a dream is fun... Whether you know it's a dream or not.

And there was a dream where I threw at a dragon (once again) a powerful magical blast so enormous in magnitude that it would have blasted all my allies to smithereens... But a powerful wizard of gandalf-like features intervened with stunning talent and power and shielded them from the blast. I felt like a fool for being so careless and imprecise.

There was a dream where many gods of an old and ancient world were vying for dominance over each other, and an evil group of gods was taking over the entire group by force. They had subdued the oldest and wisest of them all, who refused to fight back, allowed himself to be chained and dragged to execution, but in a moment of awe-inspiring self-sacrifice, he directed all the energies released by his death to be given to the downtrodden weaker gods who'd been subdued. His sacrifice brought balance to the gods and the horror of dominance was averted.

There was a dream where I was a point of awareness caught in a spiraling chaotic storm, and the thought/knowledge came to me that I was supposed to calm the storm from within. I was having some inner turmoil at that point in my life.
ChesterBSchizoid ChesterBSchizoid
Sep 22, 2012