Stalker Or Saviour?

I wouldnt necessarily say i'm being chased by him, but he follows me in all my dreams involving some sentiment of water. Sometimes he changes his shape slightly but i still recognize him-sometimes he's bigger, smaller, his color is slightly off at times(he mostly stays white with tints of greens and blues), sometimes he wails so loud you can hear it echo for miles. he just follows me as much as he can in the water and watches me. he's never on full dry land, i feel nervous when he's around especially when im close to the water, but i don't know he looks very intimidating so i'm never sure if he's trying to help me, or harm me.

(about a month ago)one dream i remember the best is it's snowing the lake is covered in ice pieces, 100 people are running to the docks away from something, but they are afraid to get into the boats, but they convince themseles to get in the boats. to get across the lake, my dad, friend, and i are in a small speed boat i look down and he swimming underneath at a fast pace alongside the boat. our eyes catch and he dives deeper into the water...*wakes up*

(weeks ago) Since i live on the lake it's only a few yards down. This dream started at home, the water had risen up to my house . I went into my flooded back yard and went down to where the lake originally starts and i notice like a little rock bank kind of like an island a little further. I lightly swim over to get a closer look and i barely catch a glimpse of him-much smaller with sharp fins, four short legs with long claws, and didn't appear to have eyes at first. I felt overridden with fear. as i start to swim back to my house I hear a low growl and see him move into the water; it finally got shallow enough to where i can actually run to my house get inside and lock the doors. I tell mom what happened and she just kinda looks at me and brushes it off like i'm crazy, the dog is on the deck barking and whimpering, and he is just swimming around like a vulture then goes back into the main part of the lake. I spend several days held up on the back watching him circling around in the shallows. *wakes up*

(this was months ago)Another one was my family and i were driving to some sort of weekend reunion dinner thing. We're driving on a road a bit higher up with some mountains on our right, while the ocean is a little below on the left. We pull up to this castle-type building merged with the mountain with tall glass windows and many people were inside already. it starts to snow and the waves from the ocean are becoming very rough. He rises from the water, but he looks much different than before-he's extremely large, his skin had turned black, roaring/wailing constantly; and right after all of us were inside we watched him use an ice mist over the castle. We heard him wail throughout the night. Once the place unfroze some i walked down to some piers seeing many fisherman and boats out, i also saw him. He was lying in the water, in his normal colors, a bit smaller now but still very big, still looking up at me but with a sense of some sadness. The fishermen assured me that he was harmless otherwise he would've eaten them already. I got further down on the dock and he dove off. *wakes up*

Maybe i am watching too many sci-fi monster movies or maybe i am losing it i don't know ._.
Shokliva Shokliva
22-25, F
Oct 9, 2012