Odd Dreams Sometimes Bloody...

I had a dream last night I do not remember all of it but I will type all that I can...I am in a building ordered to pull switches that will save me but murder my friends outside I am with someone else I do not know who but It is a girl around my age which I felt secure with but we decided not to switch them on so as a result we are thrown in a field with the traps as our friends get away I turn to the girl just to see her get shredded into bloody mess I started to weep but got up from trying to hold her hand because she said something I ran and then my left hand gets cut off I think my leg too for the fact that I slowed down as I went to the top I see the guy who murdered the girl as I was about to attempt to subdue him he pulls a lever and drops a barrier around him and I just get flashed by a light as I gain my vision back I slowly fall onto my knees as I look down my feet and up to my shins are gone but I am getting disintegrated as I check my right hand it starts to fade into a particle dust II then fall down and start to lose my vision as the darkness starts to creep around me I shed a few tears then I black out and I then am awakened by the morning sun from my window.
EctoplasmicShock EctoplasmicShock 18-21, M Nov 4, 2012

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