Past Weird Dream I Had About Famous Singers.

Just a dream I had ages ago

- I was planning to go home via the bus but then something strange happened; when I walked out, it didn't even look like my house. Then I realized it was 1993 and I wasn't on my street. Anyway I keep walking and end up at a church! difference is, it was out side with loud music and people jumping really high in the air! but there was also a quite service. Then one of the women, namely the amazing Whitney Houston herself, asked me to stay. I declined. I really don't know why I did.

I kept walking until I saw a room that caught my eye. I knock on the door. A man with circle- lensed glasses with scruffy brown hair gave me an agitated look who was none other that John Lennon! I stood there in disbelief. What he said next only made me more astonished.

"You're late! get in here." He said rudely, gesturing me inside. I sat down, still shocked. I mean, I just met John Lennon for goodness sake! am I the only one noticing this?

I raise my hand to ask him a question. Annoyed, he gives my a defeated yes so I could speak. "Aren't you supposed to be famous? why aren't you dead?" Fed up, he sighs impatiently. I could feel his temper rising.

"Fine, be a smart alek. You can take the lesson now!" I did as I was told. As I got up, I saw familiar classmates and the Jackson 5 in the back row. Lol, what a weird dream.
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don't worry about anything

I'm not worried about anything.

Well, thanks for your concern :)

thas great you should not worry about any thing believe me.

Nice one.

I know right?

Boulevard of Broken Dreams...

True that.. for some people