Mental Inception

I went to bed with no real big impacts having been made in my life.

It started out with me and a couple of friends was going to the beach to hand out. We got to this gigantic beach with orange sand and a lovely blue ocean. I can't really remember what we did there, as the next thing I remember was watching the Hooters sponsored Dolphin jumping contest. It was basically a woman had to jump from one ring in the sea to the next using dolphins. She had to do it at least 17 times to break the record, which she did!

After the contest we decided to travel back home, this time on the train. It was the old kind, where you can hear that k-tjk k-tjk sound. Anyways during the trip a guy pulled out a cereal box and gathered some kind of weird blue powder onto a spoon. It had little clumps in it, like it had been somewhat moist.

The guy said it was a hallucinogenic drug called Essence Flux, that allowed you to travel into your own subconscious. Me, being afraid of drugs asked him to lessen the dose and then I took it.

I woke up in a bed, in a room. The colors and shapes were off, but in the way that I couldn't really put a finger on what exactly was wrong. I was bid welcome by the "Guide" A guy who looked like one of those "After" pictures of what drugs do to people.

He made me very scared. I've always been somewhat able to tell when i'm dreaming and I knew I was asleep at that point (Dolphin jumping hooters girls made that clear to me) yet he still scared the living hell out of me. It felt like he could actually affect me in my sleep.

He briefly explained to me, that I was in my own subconsciousness and that If I followed him, I would take care of me. I took the first opportunity to run from him, that I could. I walked around in the big house, which apparently was my own psyche. I saw a lot of different rooms, each with a specific theme to it. It was only when I got to this big room with a round table in the center, that I stopped to think about it.

In the room, where around 8 people. They all looked very different from one another and all somewhat. Weird/exotic/ethnic looking. They were all happy to see me and I felt calm and comfortable in they company. The leader explained to me that they were all different aspects of my personality and had I followed the guide, I would have become a prisoner of my own mind.

We talked back and forth for a while and unfortunately I can't really remember any of it, except that one of them, Sarah, was having some sort of problem with her twin, who was amusingly enough also called Sarah. They looked nothing alike though. It was something about another personality inside her that she was guarding.

The leader, who looked like a very kind indian man (I'm half white, half hispanic myself) told me that I was nearing the time-limit, as If i stayed too long I would be unable to go back. So I closed my eyes and started meditating undtil I could hear and feel the k-tjnk k-tjnk sound of the train. I opened my eyes and I was back on the train on my way home.

From there I thought about my real life and soon after I woke up in my bed.

It was one of those dreams that leaves you... Weirded out, confused and curious. I wonder if it meant anything or if it was just my mind playing.
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My dreams can be like this too. I often know I'm dreaming when I'm dreaming. In these dreams I try to wake myself up because I'm scared that I'm going to be stuck in the dream forever. I have no idea what these dreams could mean. I find that usually dreams are just combinations of memories and ideas. They can reveal how you think, feel about certain things. Do you find people perplexing? It seems like you did in this dream.