My Re-occuring Dream

lately ive been having this crazy dream. im in my old neighborhood and im at my ex boyfriends house but no one is there. the city is empty. i am the only person. its dark and there is only one street lamp. i get lonely so i go to my ex's bedroom to lay down. the room is empy and cold. there were no windows in the house and no power. dark and cold. i pick up this glass pipe on the ground. its crack and i smoke it (in reality id never do that!). im high but i lay down under the covers attempting to stay warm. i does off but im awaken by noises. its the police telling me to come outside. i stumble out of bed and try to walk down the stairs but i fall. laying at the bottom of the stairs i scream where am i and where is my ursus (type of vodka)? the police dont come inside but they proceed to call my name. then the dream ends? what does this dream mean???
animalnoises animalnoises
18-21, F
Nov 26, 2012