London, My Love!

It's the town of my dreams, I visited London three times so far.
Maybe this made me dream the following:

My mom took my sons and me on a short trip to London.
When we arrived, we jumped on a double decker bus. My sons were much younger than they actually are and were excited to see all the buildings.
There was a very big full moon in the sky and I showed it to my sons.
Suddenly my husband came into the bus, payed for his ticket and informed us that it's the Sony Center and not the moon.
Then I saw that the moon magically transformed into a huuuuge building with lots of windows, each with an advertise on it.
One of it was a big Sonic the hedgehog, main character of a game I played at the time when my sons were in primary school.
We hopped of the bus; my mom, my sons and I and mom said, I have no money, how shall we pay for a room to sleep at night but we will care for that later.
Then we went through dirty streets to a zoo, walked over a wooden hanging bridge, a few people walked towards us in the opposite direction, obviously to leave the zoo.
We were alone now and it went pitch dark so we groped our way to the other side.
As soon as we got there I found a small torch in my jacket pocket that I got as present on my last blood donation.
I said, sorry that I'm so stupid! I could've light the way for us!
Below was a corral with a few animals. A see lion whistled "I follow rivers". I was amazed and told my mom and my sons that I didn't know that see lions can whistle.

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3 Responses Nov 27, 2012


Dreams take us by the hand abd lead us to some fascinating destinations.Thanks for letting me hold your hand for this guided tour,it was fun.;)

I love reading all about the complex dreams folks have. This was amazing. I never dream like this.....mine are always snips of things, usually random and silly if I remember them at all....
I like this song and hubs and I have visited London a couple times and love it..... Europe has the most amazing architecture!!

If you ever will get the chance, visit Bamberg. Great architecture there.

Thanks.....I'll put that on my list of "To see" places!! Wouldn't it be cool if we both ended up going the same time and met up!! :)

That would be real great! :-)