"this Is A F***ing Drem, Mum!"

I just woke up about an hour ago, and I'll try my best to remember everything I can about my dream. Okay, it was 2025, yet somehow I was 11. The zombie apocalypse had started, and it was just my mum and I. Everything was happening in Wabash, the place where my dad used to live. We had gone to my grandmother's house, and my mum was using the computer, trying to find someone else who was still alive. Then I realised something. "Wait, I don't have my phone, I'm not wearing my shoes, I don't live in Wabash, and I'm eleven... THIS IS A F***ING DREAM!" I shouted, and ran over to my mum. "Mum! You're a f***in g dream! The apocalypse never happened!You're just a dream!" Now, normally if I ever cursed she would yell at me or smack me. This time, she just sat there. All of a sudden, we were in an old restaurant parking lot. there are walkers all around us, until a van comes and saves us. Strangely, it was my older self driving the van. "Get in!" I shouted, and we drove off. The rest is a blur, but I remember that I was about to die, and a giant, I guess you could say, "badge" was in my face. It was decorated with zombies, and a shotgun, and it said: APOCALYPSE ARMIES; PROTECT, DON'T INFECT!" and then it all ended.
TheOneWithManyNames TheOneWithManyNames
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Yeah..the entire time I had a British accent too. xD