Help Me Interp This Message,,please

i dreamt i was with strangers, two native men got up and put on costumes, one man was dressed as a buffalo he was speaking to me but i could not understand him as he was speaking in a different language. the other native man was hard to see as he was dancing and singing behind me, but his cosutme of what i could see was large and elaborate.. it look like maybe he was a bird with large wings and a head dress ,,, and he would change into a tipi to a bird.... please help me interprate this message. this is not the first time i have dreamt of native americans and them speaking to me in diff languages...
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I'm no dream interpreter, but from my understanding it seems like the two natives represent a spiritual aspect of your personality. The buffalo man is right in front of you, putting on his costume. Maybe that could mean something with you having to put on a specific trait in order to overcome something in your life. I don't know what buffalo's are to you, but to me they are the avatar of patience, perseverance and loyalty. The man in the shiny and impressive bird costume behind you could be interpreted as something you've "Put behind you" The bird being freedom and carelessness. The elaborate costume of the bird could mean that it's something that still tempts you.

Don't know if it means anything to you, but that's what I got out of it.

The buffalo is your spirit guide. I have Cherokee in my veins and I too had a dream. I was walking in what seemed like an art gallery. I had three colors of paint at my waist. And I would paint on the paintings and they would come alive. In one it was birds. The next was water and the last was a wolf. I painted it's eyes and it spoke to me. I didn't understand what she said. I lathered the paint on my face and ears and I understood. She told me without speaking that she will guide me. And then she howls. And I woke up. I had that dream all through my childhood. Until one day I was reading about the spirit guides. And how they appear to you in dreams or in animal form. Mine is a white wolf. Yours may be the buffalo.