Sun Rising Out Of The Ocean

At a beautiful beach resort me, my sister, her husband and her two kids were vacationing. It was morning and still dark outside. In the hotel we had large windows with a great view of the ocean. Me, My sister and her husband were going to watch the sun rise. A strange light shone from under the water. As we continued to watch it slowly became brighter, soon a dome appeared to be pushing it's way out from under the ocean. It was huge and the ocean water was still covering it even as it slowly pushed it's way out. You could see a bright light shining through the water. My sister's husband said it was the sun rising. I thought that was very strange.
Looking at it it seemed to stand still but as the hours passed it was rising out of the water. it was an enormous sphere and hovered above the bay it came out of, the ocean's water was still clinging to it. the sun was completely covered by water and water vapor floated around it. the water surrounding the sun was falling back into the bay. It was as if it was melting off of it although the water wasn't frozen. was the sun continued to rise it became brighter and the water slowly dissipated. soon it rose up into the sky and became the sun the was familiar to me.
Me and my sister had an argument about what we just saw, I thought it was impossible for the sun to rise from the ocean. it made no sense. My sister said that was how the sun always rises. I tried to make sense of it but gave up.
Later that day I was exploring around the bay and there was a tour they were having with classes of kids. I went along with one of the classes.
We all went under water. it was strange we would walk, talk and breath like normal. We went to the coral reef and there were all kinds of beautiful sea life, mainly plants that were glowing blue green, white and purple. There were scrolls down there and art painted by people thousands of years ago.
after the tour was done, I was climbing a jungle gym that was out in the shallow. Cars and trucks were driving across the bay on the surface of the water. I knew they could only do that if they drove really fast, otherwise they would sink into the ocean. soon it became evening and I saw a bus take off from the shore very fast then splash nose first into the bay. From what I could see the bus seemed empty save the driver.
There was a huge commotion over the sinking bus and tons of rescue workers went out to where the bus sank. My sister was with me and we learned that her son was on the bus. We both swam out to the bus, we could see the lights of the people searching in the dark. My sister swam ahead of me and before I knew it she was dragging her son back to the shore. He was okay. My sister yelled at her husband for not swimming out there and then I woke up.
Cherflu Cherflu
31-35, F
Nov 28, 2012