Wolf Dream


Short and to the point dream for you. My fiance and I are staying in a house, not of our own. I get up out of bed to pee, he follows having to pee as well. I stop in the kitchen to notice we are in the middle of a tropical storm, very tornado like. The wind is blowing rain at an alarming rate around the house. I begin to freak out alittle. My fiance remains calm, and tells me to calm down as well. I don't understand his composure. A man's unfamiliar face, appears at the door and he looks terrified. Seeking shelter I assume. I am not frightened by him, just startled. Then I hear the voice of another man, at the back of the house yelling, "WOLF". Then a wolf runs into the kitchen. The wolf is scared because of the storm, however I am aware of his animal Instincts to attack us. The wolf comes close to me, extremely close. I quickly but calmly grab a large kitchen knife, and drive it into the wolf's neck. I hear him groan slowly, I feel him die. Then I wake. I am not scared just curious now. Wolves are a fear of mine. So the fact that I was so calm around it, and while killing it, is strange to me. PLEASE help translate!

Thank you for your time,

Eulina Eulina
Nov 29, 2012