A Mermaid Trapped In A Cave

I was a mermaid. I was in a place that was a cave but had concrete walls like a building. and the place had canals that I swam in. everything was dark and black. It was a bit like a maze, I notice I'm swimming in circles trying to find the way out. there are other people in the canals, they don't notice I'm a mermaid because they cant see my tail through the dark water, but some of them say I look like the mythical mermaid that swims these waters. because I have red hair.
There is a part of the cave that has glass walls and there are people wearing hairnets and preparing food behind the glass. they hand out food to people standing in a line, the food looks gross. I think it looks like school cafeteria food.
Later a guy hands me many big duffel bags, he said they are mail. I realize it's a mistake (I'm not the person who should receive the mail) but I take the bags anyway. the bags are full of handmade crafts and jewelry, a lot beaded things. very beautiful and colorful.
There are some beaded necklaces that I really like and take for myself. My brother is there and tells me that that stuff is meant to be sold at a bazaar.
I ignore him and continue to try to find a way out of the place. there are strange little nooks and doors that lead to nowhere. I can't seem to find my way out. and I realize there is someone who is preventing me from leaving. they watching me from a room high up in the ceiling of the cave. he has the power to change things in the cave, close off passages and confuse me.
I think the dream might have continued but I can't remember anything else.
Cherflu Cherflu
31-35, F
Nov 30, 2012