Zombie Apocalypse But With No Zombies??

In my house, and no body else was there, all my family were gone, just me and my dog Blaze. I know it must have been the end of the world - with zombies- because it always is in my dreams . I walk around the house for a bit, but then look out my front window, and there is a huge gang of people! all dressed in black, and heading towards the house...

I can tell it means trouble, i turn off all the lights, because they would give me away. and grab a small knife to protect myself. Then i realise - that isn't going to protect me against a whole gang. I head upstairs with Blaze, open the loft (attic) hatch and pull down the ladder and climb in. It isn't like my loft really is, it is naturally light and clear of rubbish, and there is a bed...

I put down the knife and remember Blaze! I lean out the hatch and somehow manage to pull him up into the loft with me. I pulled in the ladder and tried to close the hatch but it wouldn't completely close! ahhh!

I hear footsteps, and for some reason decided to climb out the loft and.. it's my mum..

Back to the begining really, but just that my mum is there haha so just in the house, and i see a red car go past!! crap! draw the curtains turn off the lights! i run round like a headless chicken trying to do this and then my mum says : 'didn't you see who was in the car?' and i go to the front door, and stood outside it is my friend and her mum! I let them in and hug them.

We all sit down in the living room. it's like we've grown by about six, there are extra people there, and one woman is trying to work an old two way radio, unsuccessfully, so i run up stairs to grab mine, and wake up.

Any ideas what this could mean?
nicolewootten nicolewootten
18-21, F
Dec 1, 2012