Rocurring Nightmare, The Cosmic Aztec Thunderbird

the dream started out black and white, everything seemed fuzzy or “soft”. there was a white marble, it rolled down a hallway and stopped near a door, the door opened and someone (me?) picked up the marble. suddenly everything became crazy, there lots of horrible loud noises (I could make out static) it was as if everything ugly and terrible was all thrown together and scratching and clawing in the darkness. (it’s hard to describe because there were no real recognizable shapes) I call this part of the dream the “sharp” part, because I have to emphasize how different this was from the softness I felt in the beginning of the dream.

sometimes I would wake up at this point.

but if I was able to sleep though that part I would end up in a vast landscape where the sky is a strange dark but vibrant blue, the ground is a almost black earth there is nothing else around nothing… I walk for a little while until I find a mud hut a boy is crouching on the ground drawing in the dirt with a stick. he looks like some sort of native, he’s only wearing a loincloth.

in the dream I cannot see what he is drawing, I see this all from a distance, I see myself walk up to him and ask him a question. I think I am asking him directions somewhere but I can not hear the conversation. he points in a direction and I walk that way.

I walk for a long while. as I walk I notice there are aurora like lights in the sky. I hear a strange noise, a low humming sound, it becomes louder with each step I take and soon it’s so loud I can feel the vibrations in my chest. there are lights rising from the horizon they move in a way that is very alien. the sound seems to be coming from the direction the lights are. as the lights rise the sound becomes louder and it’s overpowering. I notice that there is something rising out of the horizon the lights seem to be emanating from it. it has the shape of a bird but it so big it soon fills the sky, the sound is now so powerful I have dropped to my knees, I feel as though I shouldn’t be here and this thing is god-like. it has a power I cannot comprehend and I am terrified. I wake up at this point.

I can’t tell you how scary this dream was it haunted me for years. I started having it every night at the age of seven. I became scared to fall asleep and had horrible insomnia for many years. it wasn’t until I was 14 and I had moved out of the house I was living in that I stopped having this dream.
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I couldn't rate it up then because I spent six months without access to the full version of the site. As for my interpretation, it will be our secret... ;) I avoid that subject in public.