Strange Dream Of Intense War On College Campus

I had this very intense dream of being involved in a russian invasion on the UVA campus. It started with me being at a football game at the stadium, sitting on the very top row so that I could see over the side of the stadium and look onto the mountains. I then saw a Russian SU-35 fighter jet with brown and green digital camo get hit with a missile and the rear of the plane caught fire and spun out of control into the ground. Seconds later I saw an F-15 eagle scream overhead going very fast and flying low over the stadium. I then appeared on the streets adjacent to the stadium running for cover and thought to my self that the U. S. Forces were being pushed back as there were large explosions around me. I remember running into a building and running around the edge behind some windows that gave my position away. After that I went up 4 stories to the top floor of the building I was in and just as that happened a strange plane that resembled a VTOL varient of the russian SU-37 jet crashed throught the window and I could hear it's cannon being spun up to firing speed and being aimed at me so I jumped over the railing of the stairs and fell 4 stories and took no damage whatsoever. Then it went black and appeared at a small shack hiding with a few people and saw a display screen for a UAV drone displaying positions for unknown stuff. After that I then appeared at some underground bunker with a bunch if people who were going to fight back and I remember walking up to some airplane that I could describe as an extra large P-51 with side by side seats and counter roatating propellers and climbing onto it. After this I woke up with a start and was straight up confused at what had happened in my dream
RustyFootball RustyFootball
Dec 2, 2012