My Recurring Dreams

I've noticed that most of my dreams I've had involves me driving quite well (without a license or permission), going to a random area without being scared, running around in circles because I forgot something, and something involving work.

Every time I've dreamed about work so far, I was called into work the next day (or technically the day of I guess). Even if I just saw myself cleaning trays at work, I was called into work.

I'm guessing that my dreams about me driving well and not being scared in a new area tells me something like I'm independent and I'll be fine when I'm out on my own. Those dreams are usually the most realistic. I was half asleep one day and thought for a minute that I really did drive my mom's car around the entire town at 2 in the morning.

The other night my types of dreams were combined all in one. My boss drove me home after I worked until close one night, we got lost and ended up in a city an hour away, we drove around in circles for hours, and I drove the car down a hill in the woods for some reason.

Sometimes I've woken up from a dream completely disoriented, half asleep, and still in the dream.
HappyJalopy HappyJalopy
18-21, F
Dec 2, 2012