Last Night I Dreamed My Parents Were Vampires

Although in the dream the vampires did not resemble my real parents in any way...I dreamed that my parents were vampires and I was attempting to escape my home.

I left in my car, driving at night down a very dark country road, dirt or gravel, surrounded by corn fields.

The windshield was very severely cracked and I was holding it with one hand to keep the glass from falling out and a). cutting my face; and b) it was cold and would create a draft.

Because of the severe cracks, looking through the windshield was like looking through the bottom of coke bottle (the old glass bottles). I crash the car. I remember it rolling over several times. My dog (german shepherd) was in the car with me.

I am back at the house with the vampires again.

What does this mean? My parents are both deceased. It was an abusive home and has taken me a lifetime to "escape" all the damage.
DreamOfAngels DreamOfAngels
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1 Response Dec 5, 2012

Maybe it's a reflection of your inner anger and /or fear .Vampires are blood suckers and also dead, just like your parents. Perhaps the dream is saying, vampires, even though they are dead, they are still sucking the life out of you. Sweet dreams

Thanks. Makes sense.

I've seen a psycotherapist for many years and one part of the treatment was analyzing my dreams. After having them analyzed over a period of time, I learned to analyze them for myself.I'm not an expert at dream symbols but I have developed an intuition about dream meanings.