Trip To Silent Hill

First thing I remember is getting into a car with some family and friends. It was a normal car with five seats, but i remember way more than five people riding with us, yet I don't recall the car being packed with people. I also can't recall who was with me, and weird thing is I recall some of them being two people at the same time. Weird. Anyways, we were on our way to see the silent hill movie, but for some reason we ended up in silent hill. But it was kind of a theme park attraction, but at the same time it was real. I don't remember much about this portion of the dream, i just remember arriving there in the car, and these weird monsters covered in toilet paper coming towards the car. Everyone was screaming at me to roll the windows up, but before i could one of them spewed acid on me and burned holes in my pants. Next thing i remember, i was at my local mall with someone. It looked exactly as it does in real life, except this mall was apparently for asians only. Me and the person were trying to walk around unnoticed, but this asian woman confronted us and told us we had to leave. For some reason we knew we couldn't, so we went around the mall looking for makeup so we could do our make up to look like geishas. Next thing i know, we're outside where i would catch the bus in real life, and the person was talking to me about how we were in japan and we were gonna take this bus back to america. At this moment I realized how that made no sense, and actually remember saying out loud "How the hell can we possibly take one bus from japan to america? We're not even in japan"
Its odd cause i can't recall ever questioning dream logic while not lucid. Maybe this was a partially lucid dream. I dunno. It was beyond weird though.
genkirocket genkirocket
22-25, M
Dec 7, 2012