Hobo - A Word That Haunted Me For Years

I had this dream about a decade ago (i was about 7 at the time), but it still has stuck with me. I can't remember much, i remember being in this messy house, and everything was very cinematic, like i was watching an artistically shot film. I was talking to one of my aunts on the porch, i don't know what about but it was very serious and dramatic. I then was in the house talking to my grandma and grandpa. Next thing i know, they put me in this desk chair, and all of a sudden they had no mouths, just stretched out skin where there mouth should be. They were side by side, right in my face, trying to talk. But all I could hear was a word that sounded like someone trying to say "hoooooooooooobooooooooo" with their mouths closed. They said it over and over, sounding like cartoon ghosts. They then spun the chair around, faster then humanly possible, and then everything went black for a second. Then i saw this old, slightly chubby mexican woman in a floral print dress standing in a white room, with white tables with white umbrellas on them. She was holding her hands behind her back, her head was high and her eyes were closed. Everything was still except for her dress blowing in the wind for a minute, and then i woke up. I don't know why, but this dream affected me for years. I couldn't even think of the word hobo without feeling like i was on the verge of a panic attack.
genkirocket genkirocket
22-25, M
Dec 7, 2012