Deceased Grandfather Has A Message For Us

Everything was very vague, but i remember my grandma and grandpa arguing in their bedroom. He had something to tell us, but he just couldn't get it out and she was refusing to listen. They were yelling back and forth, and the feeling of anger and confusion was so vivid. This was a few weeks after my grandpa had passed away, suddenly and unexpectedly. To this day i can't help but believe it was a message of some sort, i don't know how but i feel like there really was something important he needed to tell us, but he died before he could, and now its too late. Another weird thing is I read reports of people having similar dreams with deceased relatives having to tell them something but not being able to say it or they can't remember what it was upon waking up.
genkirocket genkirocket
22-25, M
Dec 7, 2012