Another Friday Dream...

Another UNI dream. We were at tutorial, it was kind of holiday break catch up, so I was just listening, without really absorbing everything carefully, when to my surprise, at the end we have to write a report, like a long answer questionnaire reviewing the material. So I am quite disappointed, feeling betrayed and mentally drained, I was just so looking forward to get out of there, that I couldn't really grasp any of the rotten questions, so I decided to leave without answering, when, alas, another surprise, this is actually a mini exam, so frantically I am trying to get that paper back, but the tutor keep giving the wrong one. It didn't feel like she was doing it on purpose, just a lousy, ex government worker approach (well, this is all my feelings while dreaming), anyway, eventually she gives me a bottle of whiskey, and tells me the questions are written on the label :0 oh dear, so I keep looking for them, but again, realising they are irrelevant to exam questions, I am so frustrated, going back to her, but worried to show her my frustration, because she is in the position to fail me.. And I wake up. Hm, it would be really interesting if this turns out prophetic. Message on the bottle ;)
Lostinforest Lostinforest
Dec 7, 2012