Last Night I Had A Doozy

I have strange dreams regularly. Last night was colorful even for me. I was sitting a home sad and lonely that my ex was out living it up and I had no one to spend time with & nothing to do. It was a beautiful day out and my town was having a summer fest. I got tired of feeling sorry for myself and dressed myself up at my best.

But when I got down town it was only to realize that I was dressed liked someone much older than my 35. The kids in their 20's were laughing at me and the people my own age wouldn't give me the time of day. And truthfully, I felt quite alien from them as well.

Along comes this older woman (in her 50's or 60's) that I know in her vintage convertible and tells me I look like I'm dressed for trouble & to hope in. I do and we tear around downtown with her showing me all of the hotspots from her day. Along the way, we pick up some of her male counterparts and they flatter and flirt with me. We decide to stop into a few of the old, refurbished hotels for cocktails.

Outside one there is a Gospel fest going on. Lots of soul music, bbq, etc. and who do I see on my way in but the first guy I slept with after my ex and I split. Al, an absolutely gorgeous, completely unsuitable mulloto guy who used to be into mixed martial arts. I had cut things off abruptly when I realized I had no business messing around with a guy who lived so differently then me. He had tried to contact me several times since.

And how, we strike a conversation, more of a flirtation on his part which was typical and quite flattering. We dance and joke with his friends (I've abandoned my senior company at that point). They joke that Al must be headed for trouble cuz there's a classy white woman involved. Al and I find ourselves roaming the upstairs rooms of one of the reputedly haunted Victorian hotels. We end up making love, gently and slowly, which was novel as our past experiences together had always been quite frantic, and he worships my body, praising my tones and the softness of my skin, the contrast of my red hair against my pale body. Not unlike before but so much more tenderly and sweetly.

When we were done, something had changed. He seemed determined and a bit possessive, more settled or reliable then I knew him to be. I felt a bit afraid in the sense that this guy could become something important if I could only trust him. That was what frightened me, taking the risk and being let down.

I woke up at that point. Needless to say I was sweaty and unnerved. What a vivid dream!

bmcinnis bmcinnis
36-40, F
Dec 7, 2012