A Rat Biting My Neck

This is a strange dream because I swear I was awake and I never saw the rat but I felt it.. . a Night terror perhaps?? I had just woken up and I was lying in bed listing to the radio when I felt something crawling towards me underneath my blanket. I looked down and could see a large shape of of something moving under my blanket. I remember panicking and trying to to stop it from coming near my head but I wasn't fast enough. Next thing I knew I could feel rodent like feet with scratching claws on my arm and then chest and I grabbed the thing under the blanket, it had really short coarse fur. It forced it's way to my neck and I felt it bite me hard. I screamed and tried to pull the thing off of me but it wouldn't let go. the thing had to be about the size of a possum. I jumped out my bed with it still biting my neck I was pulling on it and screaming. My neck was bleeding, I could feel warm blood running down my shirt. I could also smell the blood.
My Mom and brother burst into my room, they asked what happened. Why was I screaming? I was surprised to find my hands were empty, the rat-thing seemed to have disappeared. I told them a rat had crawled on me and bite my neck. They searched my room. I felt my neck and noticed it wasn't bleeding and I wasn't in pain anymore. But I was standing up as though I had been awake the whole time.
I told them in detail what had happened and my brother laughed at me. he said that when he came into my room he saw me standing there pulling on my hair and screaming. I guess it was a dream, but it bothered me because it felt so real.
Cherflu Cherflu
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1 Response Dec 8, 2012

These dreams are terrible! *hugs* Anxiety can provoke them.

yes that was an anixous time in my life. I haven't had a scary dream like that in a long time though