Utter Madness

This dream was from about a week ago, kinda surprised I didnt write it up yet, its as usual, really weird lol. here goes, well to the best of my recollection.

So there I was, looking up at one of those massive tv screens in town, I saw this Ad for what I can only assume was an airline, and there was a guy strapped to the outside roof of like a 747 plane while it was flying through the air

I thought to myself, wow, how cool would that be, I'd do that, next minute, lol, I was strapped in and we were just about to take off, man, I was pretty scared, tho, I dunno, got the old heart pumping, adreniline was coursing through my vains so it kinda felt pretty good, man... what a rush, next thing I know we were in the air, it was really damn windy lol, I wasnt wearing googles or anything, and not much in the way of appropriate clothing either, so yeah, really cold, I kept my head face down most of the time, but I did look forward a couple times, man, it was buzzy being up in the clouds, it must not of been a very big plane, tho, I guess it morphed, I mean, sometimes it was, but logically, it wasnt as I looked over the side and saw nothing but ocean below me, the ride started to get bumpy, I was afraid I would be shaken loose, and so what happens, I was shaken lose, I was no longer as safe and secure as I was moments ago, I started thinking omg, im gonna fall, each time I rocked back and forth I feared I would eventually just drop, I dug my feet in hard against the tail of the plane, gripping tight for dear life,

somehow the people inside the plane must of known something was wrong as soon enough we were nose diving down towards the earth, almost directly straight down, and just before it was to late, before hitting the ground, the plane pulled straight up and since I was back at the tail end, and now quite loose I simply jumped off...

I landed firmly on my feet, softly, but firmly, I couldnt of asked for a smoother landing. well besides the plane actually landing where it was ment to and being upstrapped of course as was the plan lol.

so there I was, no real idea where here even was. I was scared and alone, no passport, no ID, in a strange land, I had no idea where the hell I was, but, it soon became apparent I was somewhere in America.

First thing I did was flag down a cop car, it seems they had just gotten a snack from some fast food joint, one of the officers offered me a burger, I jumped at the chance, man it was delicious, I only wished I got to try all the other junk food available, especially a slice of pizza that you can easily fold as they are so HUGE, I saw a couple expensive cars on the road, but anyways I got in the back of the cop car, we took off, I started to tell them my strange tale, while I was busy explaining my unique situation, I started to think, these guys are probably gonna think im crazy, im gonna end up in a nut house or at the cop shop in a cell with some real crazies. so after thinking that, I kinda stopped, I gotta add the car was filthy, rubbish everywhere. mostly from fast food joints lol.

Next minute they got a call over the radio and we took off at high speeds towards well whatever it was.. the cop car stopped,.the officer on the passenger side lept out and took off running, then again we were off, it was so uncomfortable in the back seat, I climbed over the seat and sat up front, it was strange first thing I noticed was pedals on the passenger side too, I made sure not to touch them.

I remember jumping out the car while It wasnt going very fast, we were in some kinda quarry, I changed my mind and chased after the cop car lol. tho I couldnt catch it.. but I found my way to the road and continued walking. it was getting kinda late, I made my way to a mini mall kinda thing and entered, I looked at the outside of a few shops and came across a group of guys, they started to follow me, and harass me, one guy came up and threw his food at me, so I punched him, he didnt seem to phased, so I kept punching and punching him untill he went down, and I kept punching him till my fist was bloody, then I continued on my strange journey,

I made my way back to the street and found myself walking through the inside of a few peoples houses, I came across a small family who didnt seem to mind me just walking through their house, I knocked over some guys beer but I caught it before it hit the ground, I handed it back to this guy and he turned around and gave me a 6 pack, and some kinda snack, I thanked him and carried on, the houses were so close together, I must of walked through like 3 the final house was by far the weirdest, with animals both living and stuffed all over the place, I think I even saw a few bones. ah I remember, it was chocolate I was given, for some reason I felt kinda bad for the animals and I gave the dogs some of my chocolate, only realizing shortly after that its no good for them, by then it was to late, and I just remember thinking, well its better than nothing.

I continued walking and without me knowing it, I had stumbled onto the set of some reality tv game show thingy, they were just about to go live, I was tackled to the ground as I heard 3....2.....1.... heh I slithered on my belly for a minute before thinking ah stuff it, so I stood up and noticed that the entire crowd was made up from laser lights, kinda like a 3D proection or something, but ultra realistic.. I ended up being in the show and going through crazy obsticals, like some kinda log rolling floor thing, and yeah THE END. XD MADNESS.
ShadowMagick ShadowMagick
Dec 9, 2012