Dog Car... Wait, What?

My weirdest dream by far:
I was at the library of my old school, looking around. None of the books were my taste, so i just walked out. on the outside was a busy intersection. Suddenly, i was in a group of about 6 other people I didn't know. we were walking down the street, turning to the right. suddenly, we saw a strange looking car speed by. the obvious idiot of the group (and car enthusiast) watched it zoom away. "woah," he said, "i want that car!"
"don't mess with that car," said the smart girl.
"what is it, it must be a motorcycle car!" he said, ignoring her.
"don't mess with that car." she insisted firmly.
we watched as the car turned in our direction. "dude, is that leather???"
"DON'T MESS WITH THAT CAR!!!" she yelled at him. we were still in the middle of the street. the car moved closer by the second. we ran to the other side, where the girl's mansion stood. She opened the gate.
"Come on! Hurry!" she yelled.
The car, which was surprisingly small, was only feet away.
Everyone got in the safety of the property except me. She closed the gate.
"Dude, let me IN!!!" I said, scared half to death.
"sorry," she said, "i can't risk it."
the car was speeding toward me.
"It's-It's-It's a... DOG CAR."
Right then, it leaped on me and i watched it tear up my insides and sat there, helplessly.
Then, smart girl said to the idiot boy who saw the car first, "See?! You pissed it off!!!"
I was waking up at this point, and so i don't know what happened next...
I've also had dreams about:
-dinner with medusa
-being a runt pig about to have it's head cut off
-being trapped in a ice waste land and having to take a picture of a creepy lady so she won't steal a nice lady's new born baby
yes, i'm a weirdo, but i'm also gifted. XP
xXfiregirlXx xXfiregirlXx
13-15, F
Dec 9, 2012