Ive Had 2 Disturbing And Prophetic Dreams In My Life, One I Understand And The Other Not So Much. Any Viewpoints Are Highly Welcome!

heres some background info thats relevant before i delve into my dreams. I am a only child had by young parents, 16 and 18, so i was raised by my grandparents until i was twelve. I had never met mother until i was ten years old because my grandmother felt my mother corrupted her son/ my father. Well my i ended meeting my mother i/e 10yo through visitation rights at which point i told her when i was 11 i wanted to move in with her. This about the time my first dream started occurring and reocurring everynight for the next year until my mom won court battle and legal doption. My grandmother had serious health problems such as two major heart attacks but pulled through. Well ever since the day my grandmother found out what we were up to she broke down crying an said all the scars an pain she had been through, meaning medical history she pushed through, were all for me and i was hurting her. It was long after that it started. Chuck norris from walker texas ranger... Sounds stupid and even seemed stupid at the time but everynight i would dream chuck norris would roundhouse kick me in the face and i would wake up in a cold sweat screaming and crying and not understanding why i was so afraid of it. I specifically remember a night that i woke up crying afterwards and my grandfather had heard me an came in my room and asked what was wrong. All i could say was tell grandma i love her... Well incase your wondering the relation my gma was a huge fan of walker texas ranger and watched it religiously. Not even two months after i moved out of my grandparents house my grandmother died of a heart attack. The last time i had the dream was the night before she passed.
I understand this dream but the phenomenon behind it baffles me. Did my subconscious really know it would kill her if i left? Ive felt a little guilty over it but have come to terms.

Now the 2nd dream. It involves my grandfather. We were very close. He was my father figure, although my dad was not banned from seeing me he found his time more worthy of drugs and alcohol. Anywho my grandfather was a avid sportsman, he used to take me hunting from the time i was 3yo. I remember sitting in a treestand with him with a bb gun shooting at birds while he hunted lol. All through out highschool an jr high even into the earlier phases of my life i visited him almost every weekend or every other. Not only for him but also to see my cousins whom i grew up with and my half sister. Me and my father developed a bond over time but thats irrelevant. Now for the dream part. Unlike previously this one happened only once but it stands out in my memory like it was yesterday. It was around the time my gpa was diagnosed with lung cancer a lil over a year ago. At this point i hadnt visited in about six months an no one knew how to contact me to inform me. The dream was like this. I was in a field, one i recognized from our regular hunting grounds as a kid. After a quick scan of the area i walked away and ended up in a steep but big canal ditchbank. It was dry an there was tracks of animals in the mud. I walked on for a ways and came across a playful bear cub. The cub seemed as interested in me as i it. I approached the cub and it allowed me to pet it, but after a minute or so of mutual affection i heard a loud roar an the mama bear bounded down the bank an faced me then reared to its full height and roared again. Me being unarmed turned an ran. I remember looking back as it was chasing me and just as it was about to get me a gunshot rang out and it collapsed. I looked around and noticed my grandfather on the bank gun in hand waving me over an he helped me up the bank then he knelt an said are you ok son. I didnt reply but looked back to see the corpse but in its place was only the cub looking at me expectantly and when i looked back to my grandfather he was gone, an instead of the ditchbank scence i was at the field again.
(i understand this part after reflection but this is where it gets crazy so bare with me)
in the field there was high green sprouts like unbloomed cotton. I saw the sprouts sway with the movement of game. I was now armed so i stalked it but as i drew nearer i saw a huge spider atleast 8ft in span but it dissapeared into a huge metal building like farm building. I went inside but in it were row an row of pughs filled with ppl ive never seen before sitting lifeless jus staring into oblivion. (btw it may seem like a church to some but thats not the vibe i got, i cant explain how i know but it wasnt) i hear echoes around the room saying over here but it was from different points everytime. I assume a assault position armed an ready and walked between the rows looking. As i approached the front a unknown man in the front row began speaking to me even though his mouth was not moving. Forgive me i cannot remember what was said exactly but it was along the lines of you found me atlast.. As it was done the mouth peeled open and the spider immerged from inside it an sprang onto my face as i stared in horror. Needless to say i woke up screaming. I found out 3 months later about my grandfather being diagnosed an he seemed well when i visited but just pale. Another month passes an i regretablly couldnt make it down to see him but i found out via facebook he had passed away in the hospital froma heart attack while doing kemo. I cant help but feel the first and second part of the dream are related but i jus dont get the correlation fully on the spider part. I think i do but it would involve a phobia or initial repulse of spiders in which i have none. Any ideas people? Im open to all thesis and would oblige your correspondence.
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Dec 10, 2012