I Was Trying To Warn Them That Someone Wanted To Assassinate Them

I had a dream last week and it stuck with me from the moment I awoke from having it.

I was in an office building, and in my dream I guess I worked there. So I'm standing at the receptionist's desk and someone notifies me that there is a person who plans to assassinate my boss.

Immediately, me, and some guy, go to warn my boss on the next floor of the news. We tell her and wait until she gets in the elevator to go home.

Suddenly, my eyes are drawn to the floor. I notice a cord running along the base of the wall with a blue light in the center of it. Right away it is understood that that light means there is an internet connection(like the blue light on a real life router box) and that there is another person on the next floor.

In the dream that meant that the lady we just warned was not the correct person. So we go on to the next floor tell them the same thing, and again I notice a blue light and a cord. We repeat all of this(about 7 times total) until we finally reach the last floor.

Once we get to the last floor, we go inside the last office where the head boss is. His face is the only one out of all the people's that I remember from the dream. He was made out of terra cotta clay. His face was orange and cracked at the edges, and his hands were also clay. But the weirdest part was that his was the clay version of the guy who was standing next to me, the guy who helped warn all those other people.

My thoughts on this dream is that is has to do with my subconscious, I know it has some kind of significance due to all the symbolism and that this kind of dream doesn't happen very often. And I rarely make myself remember a dream unless it has some kind of meaning. I'm still trying to figure out what my subconscious is trying to relay to me.
MissMyah MissMyah
26-30, F
Dec 11, 2012