I Never Normally Remember My Dreams, But Lately I Can. Does This Mean Something?

So I should put it straight out there that I'm a student and spend the majority of my time intoxicated by some chemical or natural solution. Because of this I guess i can understand my lack of a sleeping pattern or why i never remember my dreams.

However, the first dream I had involved my roommate. He's a nice kid, bit slow but means well. The only problem with him is that in our line of work it requires a sense of professionalism of which I believe he does not have nor does he stride for. He's 20 and someone who constantly lies or over-exaggerates his capabilities or experiences, in other words he talks a lot of ****. He's still whipped by his parents and struggles to exhale socially so because of this I'm even more positive that he's whipped.

I'm 19, technically in a relationship but I stray from the path often. I was raised as a catholic and didn't see my father much growing up. Because of this, I was seen as the man of the house and restriction wasn't a word I was familiar with. Sure, I caused trouble when I was a kid but nothing ever too serious.

So i woke up around ten minutes ago, after sleeping through 22 alarms going off for an hour and a half. It's interesting because I never hardly remember my dreams and here i'm waking up sweating and shaking and clearly remembering two of them. It's as if my body wanted me to dream.

So in my first dream it involved my friend (let's call him N) and basically for some reason N had annoyed me because he had got robbed over something I had worked very hard to achieve. Because of this i decided to throw a diet coke can at his head which embarrassed him in front of my associates. I told him to recover the stolen goods otherwise don't come back to me, so he left on a mission which i knew he wouldn't achieve. Then I was in this room with a girl, not my girlfriend but this really attractive blonde, I never quite got a look at her face. My roommate N came bursting in looking to attack me and I defended myself by getting the better over him and ran down the street with this girl eventually telling her to go hide in a shop. I went behind the shop register and I was looking for a gun or weapon of some sort and found a cricket bat, I ran back up to the room i was in and for some reason the blonde girl was trapped in the closet and N was just regaining consciousness, i started beating him with the bat and blood started to pour everywhere, it wasn't until i had looked down that I had noticed he had stabbed me repeatedly in the stomach and then that's when I felt the pain, I collapsed back onto the bed while he looked over my smiling. Only to be smacked around the head with the cricket bat by the blonde and then I went onto my next dream.

I was walking down the street, it seemed like the same neighborhood, and basically I was on the phone to my girlfriend (let's call her A) and I was walking down the street which felt really really familiar to me. She said she was going to be staying at her best mates but she didn't know I was back in my hometown. So i was like 'yea that's fine, just behave yourself' as I usually do and told her i'd speak to her later at some point. I went to carry on walking down the street but I couldn't, it felt as if something was pulling me back. So i turned round and noticed this curved window really far into the background, for some reason i had like a monocule or some sort of scope that I was able to zoom onto the window with. I could see A, a different female friend who we'll call Y, and a guy sat on a bed. So i rang her to see how her night was going, and she told me that it was going fine and that she was going to stay round the friend's she originally said she was out with. I decided to find out what was actually going on and walked to the building in the distance, after getting there I went straight to the third floor and waited at the top of the curved steps where these two guys came running up. I'm quite a talker so I persuaded them to take me with them which they did and I ended up in the room. I noticed a load of girls getting with a bunch of guys but I couldn't see A, then there was this mattress on the floor with a guy and a quilt over it. I pulled the quilt off from him and there was A cuddling him nude. I rang up A's mate who she said she was originally out with and arranged to meet up with her, eventually having sex with her and I now had her in my arms instead of A.

Like obviously the last dream I understand is anxiety or paranoia, but it feels like it's deeper than that. Do these dreams mean anything?
CJFarrelly CJFarrelly
Dec 11, 2012