I Had a dream that I was back at my grandmas old house I went into the kitchen to find everything old and dusty. On the table was some sort of object that had a spiders nest inside of the object. I lifted it up to see if anything would come out and after waiting a black tarantula came out. It was medium in size and black, as it jumped at me it got smaller in size and another tarantula jumped at me. I had tripped over myself and fell to the floor. The spiders looked like they were the size of a lima bean but still I was afraid they were going to bite me. One was on my face the other about to crawl down my shirt by the sleeve, I thought it was going to bite me but as i assumed as it was going to i woke up. Can anyone help me find out what this means?
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18-21, F
1 Response Dec 11, 2012

A black tarrantuala can represent a sinister side about you. Dust means something neglected, yet because it is your Grandmother's house, I assume it is familiar. This dream has told me a lot about you :)

I assume that you have made some bad choices in your life, bad as in maybe harmful to others. The dust all around the house means neglect, and that you have been putting forth an effort to extinguish this sinister side of you. Because the spider is about to bite again (and there are obviously some bad consequences if it does), I interpreted this as you are about to have the option to do something bad. Whether it is dishonest or just a petty lie, don't do it! This dream is warning you of the consequences!

I hope you make the right decisions. Good luck!