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one night I had a really weird dream. My cousins came to visit us , and their parents, and the youngest girl that is just about over 10 years old, she apparently had chocolate doughnuts and sandwiches with her, and I wanted a doughnut so badly that I wanted to steal it . but a doughnut is harder to hide than a sandwich. so I cut open my leg to hide it in there, so then I asked my parents to go to the store so I could buy some CANDY for the weekend, and they surprisingly said Yes. Then I decided to put the sandwich back, and went to the store.( a normal store with food and other important stuff in ) and SUDDENLY they had like everything in there. Wigs,teddy bears ,lots of make up and all the stuff that I like. I found this big human like teddy, and it was super cheap,but I couldn't get it. sadness. and then my dream went over to me being a man , I had a wife and a cat. the cat was magical. I was a hires man. you could hire me to do Anything. and a mafia boss had hired me , but I didn't want to do the job because I felt it to be wrong , then I crashed his car over a cliff . Then he came after me.they captured me and my wife. But he also had a magical cat. So if my cat could win in a battle against his cat, I was free to go. My cat won, but he didn't keep his word and threw us in a dumpster and lit it on fire. And the funny thing is, I switched roles to be the fire man that was going to take the fire out. My crew and I went out of the car, but the smoke from the fire made them like zombies and they were gonns kill me and then I kinda woke up. If every dream has a meaning,I Wonder What this dream means.
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Your dream suggests that, no matter how often you are faced with a moral dilemma, you always choose to do what is decent. The teddy bear was cheap, yet you couldn' buy it; this might indicate that somehow you could not enjoy the simple pleasures of childhood as so many other children; it could even indicate hardship. The dream shows that a decent person must be prepared to meet people who do not have the same moral standards, and to refuse their shady offers and opportunities, that might have disastrous consequences. Your unconscious mind seems to be trying to protect you from this risk, so the message is, "You are not like them, so just ignore them, today and in the future, and you and your (future) family will be totally safe" :)