I Think I Died Twice

I'm shaking, holding my breath and peering around with narrowed eyes - I'm trying to figure out where I am by examining my surroundings. A sheen of sweat covers both my forearms because of the humidity that I am being forced to endure, the billowy clouds above my head seem close enough to grab ahold of, and there's vast, open space all around.

I'm on the pinnacle of a mountain.

And then when I look down, I feel light-headed, my breath is escaping me in shallow wisps because I'm terrified of heights - ever since that day when I was a little kid trying to climb a rocky hill but ended up getting stuck in the middle.

"Go ahead," I hear behind me. I'm too afraid to turn around to face the figure. I study their voice, the way it rasps and resonates, how it's far enough back that I know they won't push me. "I said..." the voice starts before trailing off. There's no warning that they have come closer, no crunch of shoes against the surface or that slight incomprehensible sound clothes make when they touch each other as someone moves, but the encouraging voice is right in my ear. "Go...ahead." I jump, startled, a fist wrapping around my heart and squeezing as tension paralyzes my limbs.

I finally manage to shake my head and utter, "No."

"Why not? You know you want to...you've wanted to escape for so long, now's your chance," the character suggests. I release a shaky breath and glance down despite the voice screaming in my ear not to. The fear was so real that it ached, although there was a small whisper in the back of my head telling me not to be scared.

"He's right, Tamara," a second, bolder voice intervened. "Just jump. Stop being such a coward." Angry tears lined my lower lids but I stared straight ahead so they wouldn't fall. It made no sense since the two faceless people were behind and couldn't possibly see the waterworks, but I convinced myself that they could. I didn't want to sniff because that would be another sign.

Out of nowhere, an identical mountain was parallel to me, with me on that one as well. I was alone, and I was staring into the chasm of nothingness before me. The girl there stood brave - long hair (this dream was a while ago) blowing without the need of wind, eyes blazing with determination, and lips set into a firm line.

But before I could even call out to myself to ask what was going on, I jumped. The me across the way did, anyway. I gasped and without any hesitation, cast my eyes downwards to see where I'd land. Nothing. I could see nothing, just a bleak and black expanse.

My skin crawled as the two cackling figures in back of me penetrated my stupor. Call me crazy, but I jumped too. I fell for hours upon hours, screaming for myself. But I never reached the bottom because I woke up.
emotionbandit95 emotionbandit95
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Dec 11, 2012