Cheese And Whiskers.

So I got out of bed and found a motorbike siting at the end of my bed.

I don't really like motorbikes, So I decided to open up my ebay, and order a spaceship which came on the 14th of December. That was tomorrow; so I went to the kitchen and cooked up some bolts and nuts. Which I fed to my pet camel?... ....... ................ He then grew to 748 ft high.
Or maybe I was high? I was feeling pretty dope so I went to my local library for a bit of book dropping. But then got sent out for wearing my sunnies inside. #yolo #thug lyf #imma-hairy-mexican

I then got a bit hungry so i decided to try out this new restaurant called cannibalism.
I was feeling the munchies coming on and my food was taking to long so I stormed into the kitchen and started hAVING A BAT.

tHEN A zimbabwanese man jump out of a bush into the casserole i ordered, so we put a midget in the oven and threw a party called project L. The L is for lesbians....

The end.
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Dec 12, 2012