Red Rooms

i had this dream twice, but ended differently the second time. The weird thing about it though is that i had both dreams more than a year ago.

in the dream, i was a little girl. I was on the second floor of a huge house and i was looking down at a blonde woman sitting at a table full of people i didn't know. she was paying attention to me rather than the others at the table. I stood up turned around and walked through the door behind me.

The first room I entered was a bedroom, and the very first thing i noticed was that everything was red, especially the walls. The walls were a dark red color, similar to dried up blood. I walked through another door, and entered another bedroom, where the blood seemed to be a bit damp. I continued entering bedrooms until the blood looked like it was fresh. I walked to another door immediately, opening it and walking through. this time it was a bathroom that was completely soaked in blood. The bathroom sink, toilet, and bath tub were all filled with blood. the dream ended when i walked through another door into a study.

the second time i had this dream, everything was the same until i got to the bathroom. when i entered the bathroom i heard people talking. i went into the study room, i saw someone cowering behind a couch, telling someone not to shoot. i looked at the person with the gun and said not to shoot. then the dream ended.
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3 Responses Dec 13, 2012

Your dreams- especially the first one- suggest you have a childhood wound that needs to be healed. You did not mention some important details, and it is not possible to analyse the dreams further without them.

Maybe you could get it interpreted if it's a dream that really bothers you!

it doesnt really bother me but i do want to know what it means. the thing is though i had this dream a long time ago and i can remember everything clearly

yeah, I remember most of my dreams, it probably means something important to your subconscient, you really should have it interpreted !

ok. i'l have to find someone

Wow, this really is a strange one. Maybe being a little girl in a huge house means you might have a fear of feeling small, lost, and helpless? I'm just guessing. I don't know what the rest of the dream could mean though.