Help Me, This Is A Long Question That I Really Need Help On!

My friend has been having reoccurring nightmares about herself and/or her family. I've been trying to help her decipher it. This is her latest one:

Do you ever feel like your drowning? Like you're pulled down deeper and deeper into the ocean and you're trying to swim up but you can't. Like a hand is clasped onto your ankle and not letting you go. That's what it felt like. A heavy pressure against my chest as I screamed but nothing came out. Crying but no tears. And terrified but showing no fear. That's exactly what it was like.

I was just floating there in a dark blue ocean, things moved around in the background. I was In a long light pink gown that swirled around my and down past my ankles. The top was tight fitting but the bottom half lose and full. My hair was longer then normal, my long curly auburn locks fell to just above my waist and was unnaturally fluffy then normal. I had a clear complexion and my normal green eyes were much brighter.

There was another girl there too. Straight blonde hair falling down to her bum and light freckles dotted her face. She had icy blue eyes that showed she feared something. She was shorter, and wore a cream colored dress. Her eyelashes were painted black, normally they were blonde. She had in her hand, a teddy bear and she was crying... yet no tears spilled.

This little girl wasn't just from this dream. I've seen her more then multiple times in my life. She was my little sister. The little girl I haven't seen in months. The little girl I grew to hate, as far away from loving your half sister as possible.You may be wondering why I hate this innocent little nine-year-old. Because after she was born, the second after, she stole the one thing I was positive I had. My fathers love.

Her pink lips were moving and her angelic whisper echoed. "Sarah" over and over again. She began slashing around in the water, screaming for help and calling my name. But I didn't move. I couldn't. It was like I was being held in place and forced to watch the horrific sight. My eyes glued and watching as she panicked and flailed around in the dark blue water against an invisible force. My little sister calls became blood curdling screams as a red pool of liquid surrounded her and her cream colored dress seeped red.

What was going on? The teddy bear she once gripped fell from her hands and the scene started to fade as her screams died down. And eerie silence filled it's place.

The lights came on again, and I was no longer in the ocean. I was standing in the forest. Loved ones surrounded me as we all faced a single black coffin. It was closed and a blood red rose was set on top of it. One would be stupid if you didn't know what was in there. Everyone was sobbing but me. I stood there emotionless as I stared at the center of attention. I fell to my knees screaming but no body moved. They became statues and ignored me. I screamed and cried and yelled for my little sister. My screamed sharpened as I was pulled up off the ground by my father. He pushed me towards the coffin violently yelling something at me I couldn't understand.

My hands flew to the latch of the coffin and I flipped the top open. When I opened it, no one was in there, just a strand of blond hair. I turned around confused, but suddenly I was the only one in the forest. My family was no where to be found. I was alone. I looked back at the coffin and there was a blood read rose that was turning black, and then turned into ashes.

A faint giggle came next and I turned around, my heart could be heard from a million miles away. thump. thump. thump. The giggle came back and then a silky voice choked out the one word I didn't need to hear. "Sister"

I screamed again, but nothing came out. No sound was heard. I heard another giggle and I ran towards it. Following the sound of the sweet little girls giggle. When I finally found where it was coming from, there she was. My little sister was sitting on a rock with her teddy bear and two barbies. One looked exactly like me, and one looked just like her. She was giggling and she looked up at me with a small smile.

"Sarah... come play with me." She begged and held out a doll that looked like me. I hesitantly took it and sat across from her. She was brushing her dolls hair and mumbling words to herself that I couldn't hear. Her eyes flickered from me to my doll confused.

"Sarah... why didn't you come after me?" She said, anger filling those innocent blue eyes of hers. She began to scowl and flung her doll onto the ground. "Why did you kill me?!" She shouts enraged. She grabbed my doll out of my hand and screamed.

"I LOVED YOU AND YOU LET ME DIE!" She grabbed scissors and cut my dolls hair off. "I wanted to be as pretty as you!" She cried. "I wanted to be just like you!"

She threw the hair on the floor and then shoved off the clothes and chucked them. "I wanted to be you!" She ripped the dolls head off and ran towards the river, throwing it in without hesitation. "I WANTED TO BE YOU SARAH!"

I didn't know what to do. I stood there shocked. "April." I said soothing, shocked that my voice came out silky smooth. "April darling, calm down." I cooed.

She flashed my dagger eyes. "No! I don't want to calm down you evil monster!" She yells and slaps me across the face. "I hate you!" She spat. "And now you're gonna get what you deserve."

My vision became blurry as I was sucked out of the dream world.
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"I loved you and you let me die", yells a part of your friend's personality from the depths of her own unconscious mind. Her sister represents a valuable part of herself that she has lost contact with. Maybe when she felt her father didn't love her as before, she started hating herself? Became hypercritical and intolerant of her own limitations? Felt guilty? Where is the happy girl that "was drowned" (became unconscious)? She is still there, with all the positive characteristics and potentials she symbolizes, waiting to be reintegrated into your friend's conscious personality, where she belongs. :)

Thanks for the help! I'll let her know!

You are more than welcome :) Please let me know if she has any questions, I will be glad to try and answer them. :)