I Have Some Doozies!!

Not long ago I had a dream that I was meeting some friends for dinner. When we met at the restaurant we decided we wanted to go somewhere else instead. So we all went back to our cars to leave. For some reason my car turned out to be a barber chair that hovered along the road. No instruments other than the lever that you push down and it goes; FAST. So off I go and it isn't until I realize I have no way of steering or manipulating this thing that I realize something is not quite right here. So I'm FLYING down the highway flailing my arms and legs trying to get this thing turned the way I want to go. I have no way of steering, no way of stopping so Im just zooming down the highway IN A BARBER CHAIR. I almost have a head on collision with a highway patroll car, which immediately does a U turn to chase me. By some miracle, I outrun the patroll car, and somehow get the thing turned and stopped in a parking lot where I hide it behind a big truck. Peeping around the corner, I see the patroll car whiz by. My friends are allready there, and they are all laughing at me. (None of this was funny while I was dreaming it haha)
HeartOfAWarrior HeartOfAWarrior
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2 Responses Dec 14, 2012

Well i had a dream the other night that i was in my dad's old place and walked to the bathroom and as i walked in animated monster fish were comming out of the toilet lmao but i was scared and kept closing the door on them as they were trying to get me and some were really huge lol

Wow..... and i thought i had weird dreams lmao

I could write a book. Hmm come to think of it. I have LOL.