Last Night.

Some years ago I used to keep a very detailed and thorough dream diary, a habit I lost as time passed. And yet sometimes there are dreams which just beg to be recorded.

I remember two dreams from last night.

In the first one, I was actually able to fly. I soared above my college campus, partly by "swimming" in the air and partly by just "wanting" to go in a certain direction. I flew until I saw an osprey above a building. I got near him, but he must have thought of me as a threat to its terroitory, because it started chasing me. I got on the ground in order to show him that I was no threat, but he followed me, so basically the dream ended with me being pecked by this raptor as big as a chicken.

The other dream, instead, involved interdimensional travel (!), sci-fi missions (!!) and a group of sexy young adults being called on to save the world (!!!). Sounds like the script of a really bad **** movie, but instead it was DEADLY SERIOUS. Will try to dream about it again.
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1 Response Dec 15, 2012

Aren't most dreams weird? That's what makes them fascinating.