So There's A Sea Lion...and A....what!!!

I have to admit, most of the dreams are usually on the....odd side of things in which case i usually don't make record or notes of what i've dream (except on 2 previous occassions) and one i have post here before.
Also most of my dreams seem to come fragmented, a series of dreams that never have any real connection....though the more i think about it, if i was to write them down there probably would a pattern of some kind...maybe :)

Anyway what bring me back is one of these fragmented dreams and it stuck with me until i woke and just couldn't shake it off, so here it goes....

Oh....and apologies for lack of detail

So I'm in the backyard to the house i grew up in as a child and why it's there or how it got there i have no idea but on the footpath, and at first is partially covered so i cant really make out what is going on, and as i slowly move the covers back there's a sea lion and it's eating a horse! At first im so shocked by what i see i have no idea what to do, this sea lion is slowly swallowing the horse in a rather snake like method, in a panic a grab a stick nearby and start to beat the sea lion, and as i beat it the horse slowly struggles out of the sea lion (by this stage its more than 3/4 swallowed) the creepy part was the way the horse was staring at me before the beating of the sea lion began, a desperate look...and giving up....but not quite.
So as the horse come out of the sea lion, and i'm not sure if i have killed it but the horse just lays beside it as if nothing had happened! and i stood there, just looking at what had happened.....and that's it!

Pretty strange right!? and i just can't figure of what it could possibly mean, any idea's suggestions or feedback woudl be really appreciated! Thanks!!
darksideoracle darksideoracle
26-30, M
Dec 16, 2012