The Earth Moved

So I had a dream that I was in a meadow looking at the clear night sky with all of its stars visible. You could even see the clouds of the milky way galaxy! Suddenly the sky moved very rapidly as if the earth decided to go on a jog through space and suddenly it was near morning. I looked through the surrounding trees on the perimeter of the meadow and saw the sun started to rise, but it seemed twice as big, and less bright. The sun was a orange color and you were able to see the finer details like arches on the sun and sun spots. The strangest thing was that you were able to see the stars as clearly as before except there were different stars in the sky, and you could see other galaxies, nebulas, and the milky way was pinkish, and blue on the outer parts. I think that in my dream the earth went through a wormhole to a different galaxy, also habitable.
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1 Response Dec 16, 2012

dreams are just magical aren't they?