Zombies After Me..always

I keep having these weird zombie dreams. Pretty often, I just had one, and it starts off at a football game with people I went to highschool with. then zombies come out of nowhere and start eating everyone. I run down thr bleachers, and start running across the feild, a lot of others are running to, but getting caught by zombies. I jump a few fences,and realize my grandmother, who passed aways' house is around the corner. I run there, and zombies almost get it. But my family is there and locks them out. Then all of a sudden I'm in a car garage and I'm surrouned by zombies, they start biting me and I wait to turn, but I never do. I start snapping their necks, and it feels so real..it's weird. I suddenly see a woman and some children and my goal is to save them, we run to this room in the garage, and it turns into a super old house. We fight off zombies for hours, and they start to die down. I see a window and try to get us all out. Their is suddenly a really old woman in the room, I tell the younger woman, children first. She gets upset, and say fine just leave us all here to die, I tell her no, give me the children. And as I say that zombies burst into the room, she closes the window, I jump off the roof, and start running. The dream goes on but it way to long!
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Its kind of funny but my apocalptical dreams are effecting me like wen i think what type of car is best welll this one would be pretty easy to barricade oh but this one has low gas so it could take me to a safe house easier and so on

i wish i could use my brain more in my dreams, lol. Im always just freaking out so bad, i usually end up doing something stupid. at least you have some control. Have you ever tried lucid dreaming? Its pretty awesome, ive never actually done it, but once i realized i was in a dream, and immediatly became overwhelemed like i was ******* up the dream realm or something. lol i got scared and woke up. so i basically blew the only chance ive ever had at it. ive read some crazy storied on here also about people lucid dreaming. very interesting stuff.

I used to be better at lucid dreaming like i remember feeling that something uncomfortable was about to happen and wake up on command but idk with having more costant nightmares ive lost it. I have other odd dreams aswell that i cant realy decipher on anwebsite like one of my VERY WORST nightmares a wile ago were i was in my bed in the dream so i thought it wasnt a dream atal i went about my usual stay in bed awake routine when a small rusty like poccesd robot started to drown me and my worst fear is to die by water so it was horable being drown over and over at one point it posesd my DOG !!! wich i couldnt try to fight with cuz i didnt want to hurt my prized posesion i have mor details but this is a very lo g reply

I understand. It almost sounds like you had sleep paralysis. Which can be very scary, and traumatizing. idk if you know what that is, but its when the body is still alseep, but the mind is awake. its said that people who experience this tend to see evil creatures and demons and things of that sort. its really crazy i think. thats also something ive never had happen, and i hope it never does because ive had some pretty disturbing dreams. lol But have you ever fallen asleep in a dream, like a dream within a dream. that can be pretty crazy too.

I was literaly petrified it took me like 20 mins to calm down and realize i wasnt in my dream anymor becausein the dream i would run get caught drown over n over

eek!!! im sorry :(
its funny how much our dreams really can affect us. ive been completely distraught and have woke up crying real tears. You seem pretty interested in all of this, have you ever watched "Inception" or "premonition?" both great movies

Yea but idk if they could really hapen

What is sleep paralysis

Nahh i dont believe inception is real. lol however, i am a full believer of premonitions because ive had them.

sleep paralysis: is a phenomenon in which people, either when falling asleep or wakening, temporarily experience an inability to move. It is a transition state between wakefulness and rest characterized by complete muscle atonia (muscle weakness). It can occur at sleep onset or upon awakening, and it is often associated with terrifying visions, such as an intruder in the room, to which one is unable to react due to paralysis. It is believed to be a result of disrupted REM sleep, which is normally characterized by complete muscle atonia that prevents individuals from acting out their dreams. Sleep paralysis has been linked to disorders such as narcolepsy, migraines, anxiety disorders, and obstructive sleep apnea; however, it can also occur in isolation.[1][2] When linked to another disorder, sleep paralysis commonly occurs in association with the neurological sleep disorder narcolepsy.

in a nut shell, when the body is still asleep and you are unable to move. but your mind is awake. very creepy stuff

Im not sure if that was it but thanks for filling me in so tell me more about one of your worst or weirdest dream

No problem. Uhm, once im almost the positive i had demons in my dream. (btw, im a very spiritual person.)

There is a man locked away in this dark hole. Hes in a wheelchair, and suffering really bad. so i rescued him by pulling him out of this hole. but as soon as i pulled him out, he died. But before he did, i was holding him, and he told me he had done wrong and his soul had to suffer. One of the weirdest dreams ive ever had. I have more, i have a dream journal full of them. do you keep one? if not, i highly recommend it.

No i tried but it was too muchwork and i hate doing work thats kind of uneccesary no offence thats jus how i am i jus try to remember everu detail in my dream and it isualy stocks with me its funny how sum dreams are relativly normal but feeeel soo odd

no i understand completely. It is funny how that happens. the ones that matter do tend to stay with you no matter what. even if its not detailed. but i like knowing all of that which is why i keep one, and i like going back and being able to read the ones i may have forgotten about. I think dreams also depend on your state of mind. like if youre stressed or worried, or having relationship issues. i feel like it always shows in your dreams. which i personally believe dreams are our subconscious thoughts that we may try not to think about or that are just in the back of our heads and it just comes out in the weirdest forms.

Well crap if all my dreams are sumwat bad wat duz that say about my state of mind? Idk idk

I think youre just at a point in life where things are changing, and it takes time to adjust. And i think you just need to take a deep breath:)
Also, this is gonna sound lame, but i dont ever watch scary movies. and if i do, its never right before bed, or at night. I think watching horror films entertains bad spirits, and puts bad thoughts in your head, which is kind of like a gateway anything evil to enter your mind or body. But thats just me! Im a pansy! lol

Ive herd that alot butt3-- ilove warching scary movies and im a bit of an athiest religion is idk i just dont get it i dont go to church i do beleive in bad spirits tho and ghost idk about anjles n demons hevan and hell

I get yur point of view tho it in a way makes sence

Why do yu concider yurself spiritual

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I also have Zombie nightmares, although lately I haven't. And I'm very forgetful about my dreams...
but in mine I constantly had to run or hide from the zombies... and I was never save where ever I went. I don't remember one ever getting me... but everyone seemed to die around me...

I actually like zombies a lot... but the thing that bothers me in the dreams is the feeling of never being safe, and like everyone on the world is after me...

In my dreams they usually get me, bite me, surround me. It sucks, I like zombies tp, just not infecting my dreams.haha

I actually like them in my dreams...
I just don't like the feelings I get from them in my dreams... :(

Aww, I prefer not to have them.lol unless I'm dominating all of them! But I never am, so ill pass.

Good. I need another person to help my hold my dreamed up barricades in the attic. It's almost impossible to get a clear shot while trying to do 4 things at the same time!

The brain and dreams don't need logic, just hit the summon key!

Yeah its pretty weird! same dream, different scenario.. that ever happen to you?

Eaten alive and everything? Yeah pretty much......shotguns all the way.
I"m not even kidding...and I'm ALWAYS thinking about alternative shelters ammo food and water supplies, that's constant.

Weird stuff is that I'm generally doing it alone. Or with faceless people

I've only been bitten, I find it odd. It feel too real! I'm usually pretty helpless, and always running. It seems I'm never really doing anything. But I'm usually alone as well, or end up alone. Or wake up before I die. atleast you have a gun!

Yeah... but I forgot to mention that the horde is always endless :S
Also....grenades are good at waking yourself up too :/
You never get continues in your dreams xD

Yeah same here! The horde sucks!! I will try to "dream up" some grenades for future references. Haha and why would I want to continue an awful dream like that?!

Your guess is as good as mine. My dreams just always get creative on me xD
Will of their own and all that.

Also the pile and mess in front of the door will help with the barricading and all...

I wish mine were creative! I'm to a point where I'm trying to control what happens, you know "subconscious dreaming" its hard, but thanks for the advice and for reading my post!

Most welcome :)
I considered lucid dreaming for a while myself. Instead I learned that I would ruin my enjoyment of dreams, good and bad, by robbing myself of my own creative expression. It's ok to be scared of something, but I don't believe it's ok to make yourself empty and hollow about it. Good and bag things have a precious way of balancing out when left alone.

I think you make an awesome point! I never thought of it that way. I guess I really only want to control the bad dreams, like prevent people I care about from dying. I also have premonitions, and sometimes I'm scared the bad dreams will be the ones that become a reality, you know? Id do anything to prevent that

Dreams becoming reality?
I have completely detached myself from that idea by learning how dreams are just what goes on in the brain. In fact you don't need to know details, I don't read papers about it or ask scientists. I just learned enough to know that I really just have them as a part of my sleep and my only active/conscience use for them is to enjoy the show while it lasts. There's something very romantic about how they serve only a show, die, and be forgotten only to start again next time , in a new theater with new players, new sounds. Never a single complaint......how truly special.

You make a good point, but I have to disagree, I've had multiple dreams that came true. Good, and bad. And I had them before any kind of subconscious idea was ever put into my head. Its strange,

I've had that many times. I used to draw meaning from it even.
But I have come to believe that all I see are things I was mulling out in my head. And those things are obviously things in and close to my life. If you then look at the amount of dreams en possible events, reduced by what we dream about being made by our knowledge and such, they will come true sometimes, and sometimes they won't. To me that's only logical. But being of your own thoughts on this I can only wonder just how frightening a zombie dream then is :/ Sounds pretty intimidating

Yeah its pretty intense. And its just hard for me to come to any other conclusion, when things happen that don't ever cross my mind. I like it though. And to each their own opinion as well:)

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